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My name is Kathryn Buck and I am the Vicar of St Matthew's, Lightcliffe, and St Chad's, Hove Edge. As Christians, we try to follow Christ in our daily lives, not always getting it right, but wanting to share God's love with those around us. There is a variety of types of worship available and groups for you to join. If you wish to know more about anything mentioned on this website, please do ​contact us.

Our History:

A formal church worship according to the Anglican tradition began in Lightcliffe in the year 1529.   A chapel was built, one of the twelve outlying centres within the ancient parish of Halifax, at one time the largest parish in the country, and a curate was appointed.   The chapel was called Eastfield because it was close to a field of that name. This remained the only place of worship in the village until 1775, when the first chapel was demolished and a new and bigger Lightcliffe Chapel was erected, of which the tower is now the only part  still remaining.  

At some point in the 350 years from 1529 the church was dedicated to St. Matthew the Apostle, though no records remain of the exact date.   In 1846 Lightcliffe ceased to be a part of the parish of Halifax and became a parish in its own right, including within its boundaries Hipperholme, Norwood Green and Bailiff Bridge.

In the early 1870's Major Johnston Jonas Foster of Cliffe Hill offered to build and pay for a new church at Lightcliffe and the foundation stone was laid on Tuesday, September 16th, 1873. The Church was consecrated by the Bishop of Ripon, in whose diocese Lightcliffe was then situated, on September 21st, 1875.

On September 21st, 1875, only two years after the laying of the foundation stone, the new parish church of Lightcliffe was consecrated by the Bishop of Ripon, in whose diocese Lightcliffe then was. The Nave is 71 feet long by 22 feet  wide and the aisles are10 feet wide.  The Tower is 80 feet high with a turret of a further 8 feet.



Who's who at St Matthew's Church :


Vicar                                        Reverend Kathryn Buck                           01422 202424


Churchwardens                     Denise Wormald                                       

                                                 Barbara Smith 

Asst Warden                           Grahame Cotterill                                     


Readers                                  Colin Painten                                             


Pastoral Ministry                   Barbara Smith                                           


PCC Secretary                        Heather Harding                                      


PCC Treasurer                       Alison Crowther                            

Electoral Roll                          Denise Wormald                                     


Health & Safety                     Allan Stephenson                                      

Safeguarding Officers          Colin Painten                                             

                                                 Grahame Cotterill

Gift Aid Secretary                  Christine Stephenson


Bellringers                              Peter Kirby                                                


Room Hire Bookings            Kathryn Gibson                          

Thursday Circle                      Katherine Fraser                                        


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Reverend Kathryn Buck

Reverend Kathryn Buck

Kathryn is the Vicar of St Matthew's and St Chad's Churches.

Colin Painten

Colin Painten

Colin is a Lay Reader at St Matthew's as well as looking after a number of other roles within Church.

Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith

Barbara is a Churchwarden at St Matthew's as well as looking after a number of other roles within Church.

Some of our PCC Members

Some of our PCC Members

These are a few of our current PCC members.

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